Our mission is to promote the vending industry in Massachusetts, and to protect its interests.

Welcome to the Massachusetts Vending Association

We are a trade association made up of individuals, partnerships and companies engaged in the business of operating or servicing machines for the vending of merchandise or engaged in coffee services in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our membership extends to individuals or entities engaged in the selling or servicing of vending or coffee machines, products or equipment. We welcome members whose office(s) may be located outside of Massachusetts but who may be doing business in Massachusetts and want to stay connected to the pulse of the industry in this state.

Massachusetts Vending Association President’s message

The “New Normal” continues to challenge all our companies. Some may even say the Vending/OCS company pie is shrinking. I don’t believe this is the case……. Many of our largest operators were some of the smallest 20 years ago. New technology and information provide us with the resources to stay current, regardless the size of our organization……….. if we use it!

More than ever, the Mass Vending Association and NAMA will need to be the resource to further GROW our base of OPERATORS, provide LEADERSHIP locally and nationally, TRAIN and DEVELOP our base to ensure growth and prosperity for each of our members, and CONTINUE to STRENGTHEN our RELATIONSHIPS with regional state boards and partners.

It will not be easy…. however, with over 200 combined years of experience, our board of directors will do our very best to continue and strengthen the legacy handed down to us by our founders. 

Our members input can only enhance our results!

Pat Arone
MVA President


Our mission is to promote the vending industry and to protect its interests. Our goal is to share the camaraderie of our membership and to be united to fight distractions to our industry. The mission involves sharing common interests, learning from one another, uniting to fight the causes of vending through legislation and against the restrictions of regulations. We believe in the strength of our unity.

The Massachusetts Vending Industry is a state organization chartered by the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA). NAMA’s services include government relations (state, local and federal), education, legal counseling, newsletters, and national trade shows. We are proud members and supporters of the New England Vending Association’s annual spring meeting. The MVA is managed by a Managing Director who reports to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will meet as necessary to conduct the business of the association. We host meetings for our general membership to promote education about the industry and goodwill amongst our members. Each year we sponsor a golf outing for the promotion and benefit of the Massachusetts Vending Associations Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship Fund was established to benefit the families of our association and supporting it is one of the high principals of the Massachusetts Vending Association.

Come join us!

Benefits and Information

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Your membership in the association is critically important, not only to support MVA activities, but for the health and future growth of your own business. We are stronger as as a group and only together can the vending, coffee services and refreshment services industry have a powerful representation in the state and local government in Massachusetts.

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Active Membership in the Massachusetts Automatic Merchandising Council dba Massachusetts Vending Association (MVA) is open to any individual, partnership, corporation, or other entity engaged in the business of owning or leasing and operating machines for vending merchandise or coffee services in Massachusetts.

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We are committed to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and responsibility in the ethical conduct of our business. A member’s conduct in all matters shall reflect positively upon the industry.

No member of MVA shall engage in any action that might bring the Association and its members into disrepute.

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The MVA Board of Directors leads the association, creating,  planning strategy and developing  the direction of the organization and promoting its objectives. The Board of Directors meet as necessary. They plan for a  sustainable future with ethical legal governance, and financial management policies.


MVA Spring 2021 Weekend

Due to our respect and adherence to social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols, the MVA Spring 2021 Weekend is still being planned and might be held online.

Details to follow asap!


2024 NERSA Spring Weekend at The White Mountain Hotel in North Conway, NH

Please join us for the annual New England Spring Meeting June 6th – 9th. Hosted at the White Mountain Hotel in N Conway, NH


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